Limitor - Current- and Temperature limiter


Our own plant produces high quality, customized current- and temperature limiters; the functionality of every single switch is multiple tested and thus 100% reliability is guaranteed. The switches are VDE or UL certified.

We offer a wide range of commercial goods for standard solutions.

Area of application

The current- and temperature limiter Y is used wherever, on one hand, protection against overtemperatures as well as against overcurrents is required, and on the other hand, automatic switch-on function of the device to be protected - subsequent to a follow-on cooling down period - is prohibited or undesired.


The current and temperature limiter Y operates temperature- and current sensitive. Temperature detection is realized by bimetal disk which was first dimensioned in accordance with the required cut-off temperature. When this fixed cut-off temperature TA is reached, this bimetal disk will snap, breaking a contact system and thereby interrupting the electric circuit of the device to be protected.

Current sensitivity

In the case of an obvious current increase (blocking current or short-circuit current) a resistor, lying serial with the contact system inside the limiter, heats the bimetal disk to its cut-off temperature TA very quickly. When this cut-off temperature TA is reached, the bimetal disk will snaps suddenly and breaks the contacts of the switch. To get an optimal adjustment in accordance to the application there are wide range of resistor values are available.

You'll find a comprehensive Resistor Table as data sheet on the bottom of this page.

Self-holding Function

By means of an integrated resistor, heat is generated by the supply voltage after breaking the contact. This heat prevents any decrease in temperature below the value necessary for the cut-in temperature TE. In this way, the switch will keep its contact open, irrespective of its ambient temperature. To close the contacts of the switch, and thus closing the current circuit, will be possible only after disconnection from the power supply.


Product name Product type Short description Performance Temperature range Product page Data sheet
HOT »YBimetallic switchLimitor product. Temperature- and current limiter, with self-holding function. Reflects the highest quality standards.up to 6.5 A40 - 150 °C