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Bimetallic switch TB97

Area of Application

If thermal overload protection is in demand: simple in function, reliable in technology and competitive in price, take the overload protector TB97.
The TB97 is based on reliable bimetal snap-disc technology and especially designed for applications where high operating temperatures (from 200°C up to 450°C) are required.
Even if the operating temperature is higher than 400°C the tolerance is within ± 15K.
Typical applications are: electrical oven, heating plates, barbeque equipments, industrial usage like welding machines and soldering machines.


When the ambient temperature rises and reaches the fixed operating (snap disc) temperature, the protector cuts off (normally closed type) or closes (normally open type) the electrical circuit.
After cooling down, the contacts automatically spring back to their original position (automatic reset function).
Within nominal power conditions the protector TB97 works independent from any current value.
Housing dimension: length 27,5mm x width 15,5mm x height 12,5mm

Data sheet

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